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Meditation as Medication for the Soul

Discover the proven benefits of meditation for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.

Authors of the landmark book, Meditation as Medication of the Soul, have joined together to present a webinar series on the benefits of meditation from the perspective of their own fields of study.

Hear from noted medical doctors, cancer researchers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and those involved in alternative medicine as they share their experiences and perspective in evidence supporting meditation and it’s many benefits.

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Feb 15, 2021

Meditation for Emotional Wellness

by Dr. Mark Young

Monday Feb 15 - 06:00pm PT|08:00pm CT|09:00pm ET

Mark Young PH.D is Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education at the University of Central Florida.

Today more than ever, individuals are seeking ways to reduce stress and deal with the emotional ups and downs of life. People want to generate peace not only for themselves but also in their personal relationships.

This webinar will provide the latest scientific evidence on how meditation helps us regulate our emotions, recover from stressful events and activate positive responses to counteract the physical and psychological effects of emotional distress.

Online Event
Mar 15, 2021

The Brain and Science of Meditation

by Dr. Lou Ritz

Monday Mar 15 - 06:00pm PT|08:00pm CT|09:00pm ET

Louis A. Ritz, Ph.D. is an emeritus faculty of the Department of Neuroscience, within the University of Florida College of Medicine and the McKnight Brain Institute.

Our modern-day lives are full of challenges for each of us, causing unabated stress, frayed emotions, wandering minds, and scattered attention. We may ask, “is there a solution to these maladies associated with our busy lives?"

In our webinar "Neurotheology - The Brain and the Science of Meditation" we will explain why meditation is a proven effective solution to overcoming our daily challenges.

Meditation has been demonstrated to reduce stress, calm our emotions, quiet our minds, and focus our attention. We will discuss the brain mechanisms involved in addressing each of these challenges. Most importantly, we will highlight how meditation can uncover an inner light and source of peace that is hidden within each of us.

Online Event
Apr 19, 2021

Meditation and Spirituality: A Homeopath's Perspective

by Dr. Tim Fior

Monday Apr 19 - 06:00pm PT|08:00pm CT|09:00pm ET

Tim Fior, MD has been practicing Family Medicine in the Chicago area since 1988.

Imagine a medical treatment which benefits your body and mind and spirit and has no negative side effects? Meditation is just such an intervention. This webinar will discuss how meditation benefits the body, mind and spirit, and we will also provide simple, yet proven meditation instructions so you have a chance to experience it for yourself.

As a holistic practitioner using homeopathy in his Family Practice, our speaker will explain why meditation is one of key treatments he suggests for many patients, and how he has benefitted from it as well.

Online Event
May 17, 2021

Meditation in the Modern Age

by Dr. Kunwarjit Singh Duggal

Monday May 17 - 06:00pm PT|08:00pm CT|09:00pm ET

Kunwarjit Singh Duggal, M.D. is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and serves as the Director of Physician Development for Integrated Rehab Consultants, the largest national group specializing in rehabilitation in the nursing home and subacute setting.

Current times have seen the rise in uncertainty, stress, volatility and unease. The pandemic is affecting our entire world and changing the way we live. We are each being asked to work more with less. How can we do it all? The key to achieving balance in the modern world is meditation.

Regular meditation can allow us to function at our optimum level, while overcoming obstacles that would otherwise hinder our progress. It is proven to help control stress, depression, anxiety, pain, and improve concentration. Medical research is finally catching up to the ancient philosophies.

We are happy to share some of the newer developments and research within the field of meditation as to how it can be used as a medication for our mind, body and soul.

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Meditation as Medication for the Soul

In 2012, a landmark book, Meditation as Medication for the Soul, was published by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. The book presented the proven benefits of meditation for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. Noted professionals from the healthcare and wellness arena contributed articles rich in evidence supporting meditation as a complementary treatment modality.

Four of these authors have joined together to present a webinar series on the benefits of meditation from the perspective of their own field of study. These webinars are being offered free of charge.

Each webinar includes simple, yet proven meditation instructions that can be practiced by anyone.

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Science of Spirituality presents spirituality as a science that can be practiced by people of all backgrounds and faiths.

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Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj is the spiritual head of  Science of Spirituality and Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission. A world renowned spiritual Master, he has dedicated his life to teaching meditation to help people discover their inner treasures. Trained as a scientist, he presents spirituality as a science that can be practiced by people of all backgrounds.

Author of several best selling books & a keynote speaker at various conferences & academic institutions including the United Nations. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj travels tirelessly around the world, to share his message of love, unity and peace.

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“I was struggling to both work a job as well as taking care of my elderly Father with several medical conditions.

The meditation classes at Science of Spirituality taught me a surprisingly easy technique of meditation that helped immensely with my anxiety and stress.

The people who teach the classes and greet you when you arrive are incredibly warm and welcoming as well!”

Kimberly K

“I learned so much from going through the Spiritual Awareness Series at the Science of Spirituality. I struggled with meditation until I went through the meditation classes and learned the SOS techniques of how to meditate. I have incorporated these into my life and now meditate daily. I feel I have really grown spiritually and the gifts – from better concentration and improved listening skills to much more peace and serenity in my life – just keep on giving. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. “

Rex R

“I highly recommend the Spiritual Awareness Series to everyone- no matter what age. Each class is interactive, and filled with stories, presentations and videos that leave you with a positive experience to take home. I can truly say that the meditation I learned, has changed my life and has helped me find my inner calm. And the best part is I learn something new each time! “
Priyanka N

“Practicing meditation saves my life. I am a Silver Star, Purple Heart Vietnam veteran suffering post traumatic stress disorder. The calming word I use in meditation I also use to help me sleep peaceful, overcome anger and transcend daily stressors. What a gift.”

Malik H

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