December 27, 2019

New Meditation Center in Quito, Ecuador

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj began his South America tour in Quito, Ecuador on December 25, 2019. Two days later, he inaugurated “la Casa,” a new meditation center in Quito.

Warmly welcomed with music on the street and amid an abundance of flowers, he and his wife, Mata Rita Ji, cut a golden yellow ribbon marking the official event.

Science of Spirituality Meditation Center Quito

True to its name, la Casa has served as a home for the local Science of Spirituality group in Quito. Originally built in 1942, the building is located in a residential neighborhood, easily accessed by public transportation. Emblazoned on the facade in front are the words: “La Paz Comienza con Tigo,” (“Peace Begins with You”).

Addressing the crowd, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that to have our own center is a tremendous gift. Our activities throughout the day can distract us from our spiritual goal, but when we come to this space, we can leave all our difficulties outside and focus on growing spiritually, on becoming more peaceful and loving. He added, it is not the building and facility but the love that we bring that makes this place a “home.”

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