Anchor the Mind in God

March 8, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke about the importance of anchoring our mind in God so that we can experience lasting joy and happiness. Each new day brings new challenges our way, he said. These challenges, whether physical, mental, emotional, or any other type, bring turmoil into our lives and impact our ability to remain still, thus impacting our meditations and our spiritual progress.

Using a vivid and illustrative anecdote, the spiritual Master explained that we need to find stable ground amid the changing panorama of life. A rock in the sea remains unmoved, despite the changing seasons, because it is anchored deep within the ocean’s bottom. Likewise, if we are to weather the storms that come our way and remain unfazed by the changing landscape around us, we too need to be anchored in something stable and permanent—God. God was in the beginning, God is today, and God will exist through the end of creation.

Currently, our mind is anchored in the outer world, and this is why we are so easily impacted by all that happens. We need to anchor our mind in God. As the mind focuses on God in meditation, it is stilled. In the stillness of the body and the mind, the soul soars. It is in this stable situation that the spiritual realms and divine vistas open to us.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that just like we tune into various channels on a television, we can tune into the channel of God through meditation and partake of beautiful lights within. The key to success in our meditations is to always anchor our mind in God. By doing so, we can partake of all the joys that God has reserved for each one of us.